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douglas county, nevada noise ordinance

(9/15), 1442   Amends Title 20, Appendix F Water Facilities, by adding subsection 20.F.130, Liens. (03/05) (Not codified), 1122  Authorizing the issuances of General Obligation (limited tax) Sewer Refunding Bonds (additionally  secured by pledged revenues) Series 2005B. This ordinance does not apply in designated parks where dogs are permitted to run off leash. (04/03), 1036  Amending the code making technical substantive changes to section 5.36.150, Adult Characterized Businesses, 20.100.070 Irrigation Facilities, section 20.614.010 and section 20.660.150(I) Standards for Amateur Radio Use, chapter 20.666 Non-Residential Specific Standards, and section 20.685.040 (GD) Gaming District Minimum Requirements. 1181  For Steven Huntsinger, changing the zoning district on 25.14 acres from RA-5 Zoning District to RA-5/PD Planned Development Overlay Zoning District, APNS 1320-26-001-41, 042, - 043. (7/95), 703    Repealing section 17.16.160 rescinding provisions for the establishment of philanthropic organizations in agricultural zoning districts. (10/02) (Not codified), 1019  Reclassifying APN 1320-33-401-022 from the MFR zoning district to the NC zoning district. (12/16) (06/03), 1228  Amending Section 20.658.010, Non-residential district development standards (table), 1240  Amending Section 20.28.020, Appeals to County, A zoning text amendment (ref. (08/05) (Not codified), 1140  Adopting the development agreement for Park Haven Estates. (7/16)  (02/08), 1236  For Clifford Morin to change from SFR 8,000/RO Overlay to NC (APN 1320-20-802-017 (04/2008) (Not codified), 1237  Amending Appendix B, International Building Code Revisions, section 901.8 by providing for   fire sprinkler system requirements for new and existing structures based on habitable floor space, adding an exemption of existing structures less than 3,600 square foot, adding a definition for addition and deleting the accessory use clause. (1/10) (Not Codified), 1307  Changing the zoning district of two parcels (APN 1320-32-111-061 & 062) totaling approximately 10,455 square feet from MFR to MFR/RO Overlay located at 1592 and 1594 Mono Avenue for Thomas Perkins and Richard and Judy Sheldrew. 8.20, county coroner (Repealed by 432), 278    Adds Ch. (12/15) (2/20) (Not Codified), 1562 A Planned Development Overlay for 66.9 acres of Single Family Residential zoning and 48.2 acres of Public Facilities zoning and including two Tentative Subdivision Maps within the North Douglas County Specific Plan. (3/98), 819    Reclassifying a portion of the Jacobsen Family Survivors Residual Trust property, APN 25-160-56 from A-19 to PF (4/98) (Not codified), 820    Reclassifying the Ray and Lucia Gray property, APN 23-484-17, from RA-5 to RA-5PD(2). (12/91), 549    Repeals chapter 9.52, peddlers and solicitors. (4/95) (Not codified), 699    Amending section 17.32.370 permitted uses, and deleting section 17.32.410 uses prohibited, to allow permanent single family units within the TR Trailer overlay zone districts. (10/04) (Not codified), 1093  Changing the zoning on approximately 2,745 acres from FR-19 to A-19 within the Topaz Lake Planning Area, located at 3900 Topaz Park Road, Topaz Lake, a portion of APNS 0922-00-001-005 & 0922-00-001-006. The subject parcel is generally located east of US Hwy 395 and west of Lucerne Street in Minden. "Butch" Peri, pursuant to NRS278.0205 and DCC 20.400 in order to document and authorize interim modifications in a portion of the center median curb for Muller Parkway. The city of Las Vegas Municipal Code, Section 9.16.030 (noise ordinance) talks about noise and construction start and stop times in Las Vegas. (10/04) (Not codified), 1088  Changing the zoning district of approximately 30.34 acres from FR-19 and TC to RA-5 RA. Provide your dog with plenty of exercise and a stimulating environment at home. (9/93), 610    Amending section 16.20.020 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is required. (5/97), 771    Reclassifying the zoning of properties APN 17-33-05 from A-4 to PR, APN 17-330-06 from A-4 to OC, and approximately two acres of APN 17-323-10 from E-3 to SFR-1 and approximately 1.3 acres of APN 17-323-10 from A-4 to SFR 12,000. (3/14), 1407   A Zoning Text Amendment to amend Chapters 20.660 and 20.664 to, A) increase the maximum size of an accessory dwelling from 800 square feet to 1000 square feet of living area on lots that are a minimum of two net acres within the SFR-2, RA-5, RA-10 zoning districts, and B) to eliminate the requirement in residential zoning districts, that accessory structures that are not accessory dwellings be compatible with the materials of the main dwelling and to require compatibility with the color of the main dwelling. (09/04), 1086  Providing for the issuance of the “2004 Parking Garage Bonds” (09/04) (Not codified), 1087  Changing the zoning district of two parcels located at APN 1320-30-411-014 & 1320-30-411-018 as follows: A) a parcel totaling 1. 395 and North of Pine Nut Road. (02/00), 905    Reclassifying the Rolling “J” Ranch property, APN’s 23-120-10, 23-130-02, 23-270,68 and 23-280-24 through 23-280-52 from RA-5 and FR-19 to RA-5/PD(12) and FR-19/PD(12), respectively. The Douglas County Recorder of Deeds, located in Minden, Nevada is a centralized office where public records are recorded, indexed, and stored in Douglas County, NV. 158, subdivisions (16.32), 194    Amends Ord. (10/04) (Not codified), 1090  Reclassifying the zoning district of two parcels totaling approximately 8.61 acres from RA-5 to SFR-2 APN 1319-09-501-001 and 1319-09-501-002. (12/89), 510    Adds Chapter 9.26, prohibiting glass or metal containers in areas of Stateline, Nevada on New Year's Eve and Day. 492    Amends Title 13 to establish separate definition of parks director to clarify various violations. 946    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement between Douglas County Romulus Development  (Skyline Ranch) (01/01), 947    Reclassifying the Den Mar Associates Property, APN’s 1220-01-001033-, -041 and -042 from RA-5 to RA-5/PD(15) (01/01) (Not codified), 948    Repealing the completed Development Agreement for the Sierra Country Estates Subdivision (01/01) (Not codified), 949    Adopting the first amendment to the development agreement between Douglas County and Aspen Park Partnership (Aspen Park Mobile Home Park) (01/01) (Not codified), 950    Adopting the second amendment to the Development Agreement between Douglas County and Sundridge Heights I Subdivision (01/01) (Not codified), 952    Amending sections 20.660.110(B) (“bar”use restrictions) and 20.660.110(H) (“restaurant use restrictions) modifying standards relating to required setbacks from sensitive land uses such as schools, churches, child care centers, libraries and parks. (8/93) (Not codified), 602    Adopting the development agreement for the Pleasant Meadows Project. DOES NOT BECOME EFFECTIVE UNTIL RECEIVES FINAL TRPA APPROVAL. (08/06) (Not codified), 1182   Amending Chapters 20.658, 20.660, 20-664 and 20.668 and Appendix A definitions in order to modify and clarify existing text related to accessory dwellings. (6/17) (Not Codified) (8/96), 753    Adopting the development agreement South Ridge tentative subdivision map and planned unit development project. Douglas County called Carson City deputies stating that in the westbound lanes heading down the hill there was a vehicle, unknown if it was still moving, that was on fire. 1471 Amending Chapter 2.26, China Spring Youth Camp, to correct an error in Ordinance 2016-1459, that mistakenly removed the Tenth Judicial District from the Advisory Council. (03/04) (Not codified), 1065  Reclassifying APN’S 1220-08-002-007 and 1220-08-002-008 from the A-19 zoning district to the SFR-12,000 PD overlay zoning district. (10/18) (Not Codified), 1526 Amends Title 10, Chapter 10.08 (Control Devices), establishing vehicle restrictions on Rojo Way and Edna Drive. (10/03) (Not codified), 1050  Reclassifying the Linda L. Bartlett property, APN 1022-18-002-005 and -054from the TC zoning district and RA-5 zoning district to the SFR-2 zoning district. 5.06, alarm device regulations (5.06), 325    Creates Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District (Special), 327    Amends Ch. Board of County Commissioners. (5/16) (12/04) (Not codified), 1102  Amending chapter 9.08 Skier Responsibility to include snowboarding and other activities in the definition of skiing and to prohibit skiing in closed areas. This site was designed with the .com. (10/17) (Not Codified) (02/05), 1115  Reclassifying the Cedar Creek Property, APN 1220-09-701-001 from A-19 (agriculture, 19-acre minimum parcel size) zoning district to SFR – 8,000 / PD (Single Family Residential, 8,000 square foot minimum parcel size) Planned Development Overlay. 15.20, Uniform Fire Code (15.20), 377    Amends 17.28.130 through 17.28.160; adds 17.28.170, zoning (17.28), 378    Adds Ch. (01/94), 625    Amending chapter 16.32 by adding section 16.32.180, issuance of building permits prior to the completion of improvements. 16.04, 16.08 and 16.24, subdivisions; repeals Ch. Douglas County comprises the Gardnerville Ranchos, NV Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Yuba City, CA–NV Combined Statistical Area For just as many reasons in favor of curfews there will be objections. (11/18) (Not Codified), 1531 Amends Chapter 20.100 – Public Facilities and Improvement Standards – to add a new subdivision (D)(1) to Section 20.100.060, “Drainage Facilities,” and a new subdivision (J)(2) to Section 20.100.090, “Roadway Facilities,” requiring property owners to either petition the Board of County Commissioners to create a general improvement district, or petition an existing general improvement district to expand its boundaries, for the maintenance of drainage and roadway facilities whenever an offer of dedication is made and such facilities are not maintained by a private, non-governmental entity such as a homeowners’ association; unincorporated town; or an existing general improvement district. (6/10), 1316  Zoning map amendment for Phats Pads, Inc. and Cave Rock Junction, LLC (PD 09-003) establishing a R-063/PD Overlay for 3.55 acres and a C-063/PD Overlay for 0.33 acres located at 1301 US Hwy. Disclaimer: The Clerk of the Board's Office has the official version of the Humboldt County Code. 1384    Zoning Map Amendment changing the zoning for approximately 667.5 acres within the South Shore Area Plan, which is located along Highway 50 from the California-Nevada Stateline to lower Kingsbury area, within Stateline, Nevada (Multiple APNs), as follows:  all properties within the Stateline Community Plan are to be assigned the T-T (Tahoe-Tourist)/HDT (High Density Tourist) Overlay zoning district; all properties within the Kingsbury Community plan are to be assigned the T-MU (Tahoe-Mixed Use)/TC (Town Center) Overlay zoning district; approximately 247.5 acres (Edgewood Mountain parcels) located within Plan Area Statement 080 (Kingsbury Drainage) are to be assigned the T-RR (Tahoe-Resort Recreation) zoning district; and approximately 223.2 acres within the Plan Area Statement 070A (Edgewood are to be assigned the T-R (Tahoe-Recreation) zoning district. 2004-1108) and changing the zoning on parcel 1320-32-501-017 from SI (Service Industrial) with a PD (Planned Development) Overlay to SI (Service Industrial. (11/02) (Not codified), 1023  Reclassifying APN’S 1320-30-501-006,-008 and 1320-30-601-006 from the 1-19 zoning district to the PF, MUC, NC, MFR and SFR PD overlay zoning districts. 3.10, additional excise tax on motor vehicle fuel (3.10), 454    Adds 9.66.010--9.66.040, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by minors (9.66), 455    Amends 10.12.030, stopping, standing or parking on public roads (10.12), 456    Zephyr Heights General Improvement District (Not codified), 457    Adds Ch. (9/94), 661    Amending chapter 10.16.040 to provide restricted speed zones in the Topaz Ranch Estates General Improvement District. 1425 Amending Title 20, Chapter 20.703, Tahoe Area Plan Regulations, establishing code language to implement the Tahoe-Douglas Area Plan, including development standards and permitted uses pursuant to the TRPA Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Area Plans. (01/94), 620    Amending section 17.28.090 permitted uses in the A-3 zone and deleting section 17.28.110, lots of more than five acres to provide that each single family residence be on a lot or parcel. 9.24, disturbing the peace (9.24), 294    Amends 2.16.040, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (2.16), 295    Amends subsection C of 17.44.070, special use permits (17.44), 296    Control of decisions affecting pubic lands (2.04), 297    Amends 17.08.150, child care facility (17.08), 298    Adds subsection C to 10.12.020, parking (10.12), 299    Amends 5.08.020 and 5.08.030, liquor license application (5.08), 300    Amends 2.02.050 E, overtime rate (2.02), 301    Adds Ch. (01/90), 513    Amends Section 18.04.120 and 18.04.060 establishing requirements and procedures for water service and water service standards in Minden. (10/95) (Not codified), 724    Adding 8.40 regarding coroner's services. (1/18) (Not Codified), 1496 A Zoning Map Amendment for Keith Serpa, Project LM, LLC amending the existing zoning of SFR-8,000 and PF by establishing an SFR-8,000 and PF Planned Development Overlay Zone on a portion of an 87.02 acre parcel located east of Highway 395 on North Sunridge Drive approximately 1/3 mile south of Topsy Lane in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan area (APN 1420-05-401-005). 1 bond ordinance. (7/95), 707    Amending repealing section 17.32.040, parcels larger than twelve thousand square fee, which currently permits more than one single family residence on a parcel of land. (11/01), 988    Adding chapter 2.05 regarding a prohibition on reprisal or retaliatory action against an officer or employee who disclosed improper governmental action. (12/10) (Not Codified), 1333  A zoning map amendment to change the existing zoning for the Dean Seeman Trust/Foundation (DA 10-046) on a 17.88-acre parcel as follows: 6.68 acres from A-19 (Agriculture, 19-care minimum parcel size) to RA-5 (Rural Agriculture, five-acre minimum parcel size); and 11.20 acres from A-19 to PF (Public Facilities). (11/97), 800    Amending section 8.16.020 prohibiting private displays of fireworks. (4/96), 745    Adopting the development agreement between Daniel Fitch and Douglas County for the Garden Glen planned unit development project. (12/11), 1349  Amending Chapter 2.02, County Personnel Regulation, Section 2.02.090 Disciplinary Action to update the current language with respect to Sexual Harassment. 1452 A Zoning Text Amendment amending Title 20, Chapter 20.714.040 to allow three, two to five acre parcels to be created every fifteen years. (12/05) (Not codified), 1154  Regarding 2006A Water Bond. (05/01), 962    Amending section 18.06.100, town will provide commercial customers with dumpsters on request, providing for town-approved dumpster enclosures under specified conditions. (01/94), 626    Amending chapter 10.24 to make it unlawful to operate a motorized vehicle on a recreational trail. (10/10), 1328  A zoning text amendment (ref. (07/04) (Not codified), 1075  Reclassifying the Little Mondeaux Limousin Corporation property to SFR-1/PD and SFR-2/PD APNS 1419-26-001-003 and 1419-26-001-007 and 1419-26-002-003. Douglas County, Nevada » GOVERNMENT. (6/98) (Not codified), 829    Adopting the first amendment to the development agreement for Carson Valley Business Park. (09/02), 1011  Amending 5.04.060 by adding a provision prohibiting issuance of work card to anyone that has outstanding criminal warrant. (10/11), 1336  A Zoning Map Amendment for the Town of Gardnerville on behalf of Edith Hellwinkel, Trustee, changing the zoning for a .72-acre and .14-acre portion of a parcel from A-19 to MFR and a 7.73-acre portion from A-19 to PF, located north of Highway 395 and east of Mission Street within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan Area (APNs 1320-33-402-058, -060, and -076). (10/07) (Not codified), 1214  Establishing a public utility operator license fee; imposing quarterly fees on telecommunications service, personal wireless service, electric energy, and natural gas public utilities based upon a percentage of revenue; and other property related matters. (2/98), 804    Revising chapter 5.30 governing massage establishments and licensing of massage therapists. (06/03), 1044  Amending chapter 2.26 relating to China Spring Youth Camp. 2. (1/19) (Not Codified) (1/12) (Not Codified), 1352  Repealing Ordinance 664 which adopted the Minden ironwood Partners Project Development Agreement. (4/17) (11/96) (Not codified), 763    Enacting the consolidated development code. (11/00). (4/16) (Not Codified) 158, subdivisions (16.32), 219    Amends Ord. 8.15, trash collection (8.15), 306    Amends 15.04.160, Uniform Building Code   (15.04), 308    Credit to county jail inmates for good time and work time (Not codified), 309    Adopts unincorporated town government for Genoa (Not codified), 310    Establishes unincorporated town of Minden (Not codified), 311    Establishes unincorporated town of Gardnerville (Not codified), 312    Adds Ch. (03/94) (Not codified), 632    Adopting the development agreement for the Wildhorse Unit 6 Subdivision (03/94) (Not codified), 633    Amending chapter 17.72, trailers and mobile homes. (06/03), 1043  Providing for continuation of nonconforming uses and structures after damage or destruction within the unincorporated town of Genoa. (9/96), 756    Amending chapter 2.58, establishing the Douglas County Airport Advisory Committee. In Nevada, there is state-wide preemption of most firearms laws. 1447 Not introduced. (7/94), 647    Amending title 9 by adding chapter 9.20 to prohibit violence against the person. (08/02) (Not codified), 1006  Amending chapter 20.700 relating to Tahoe Basin Regulations. (12/01), 990    Amending sections 20.658.020(K); 20.660.020(K); and 20.668.150 providing for regulation of adult characterized businesses. (12/20) (Not Codified), 1576 A Zoning Map Amendment and Planned Development Overlay to change 51.67 acres of a 64.23 acre parcel from Multi-Family Residential, Rural Agriculture -5 acre minimum, and Public Facilities zoning to Single Family Residential -8,000 zoning with a Planned Development Overlay, and to approve a tentative subdivision map for 190 single family residential parcels, generally ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet in area and including 3 public facilities parcels and to repeal Ordinance 2006-1158. (7/10), 1318  Amending Section 20.654.020.110, Retail and personal services, Section 20.658.020.110, Retail and personal services, and Section 20.660.110, Retail and personal service users, to identify the zoning districts where vehicle sales are allowed and provide a definition. 1346  Amending Chapter 2.24 to define disasters and emergencies; to amend the process in which the Board, County Manager or emergency Management Director may declare a disaster or emergency; the appointment of the Emergency Management Director and related duties; to limit the County’s liability as provided for in NRS 414.410; to adopt the National Incident Management System; and to provide for the cost of emergency response. (7/12), 1367  Amending Tile 18, Sections 18.02.020 and 18.04.020 and creating Title 18 Appendix A and Title 18 Appendix B to incorporate the current Genoa and Minden Town Boundaries. Douglas County is a county in the northwestern part of the U.S. state of Nevada.As of the 2010 census, the population was 46,997. 9.38, destruction of highway control devices (9.38), 358    Adds Ch. 1450 A Zoning Map Amendment for AG North 50 LLC, changing the zoning district on a 10.03 acre parcel, from TC to SFR-8,000 zoning disrtict on APN: 1419-26-202-001, located at 420 Mountain Meadows Drive, Genoa in the Genoa Community Plan. (11/91), 546    Amends Section 10.08.020 by eliminating the property owners' duty to execute a hold harmless agreement with Douglas County and Zephyr Heights General Improvement District. Complain. 109 (Repealed by 215), 115    Electrical installations and repairs (Repealed by 215), 117    Gardnerville street improvements (Repealed by 215), 119    Gardnerville sidewalk regulations (Repealed by 221), 120    Gardnerville street obstructions (Repealed by 221), 122    Regional planning district (Repealed by 215), 123    Garbage collection franchise (Repealed by 215), 124    Amends Ord. (06/07), 1211  Adopting the 2006 International Building Code, the 2006 International Residential Code,  the 2006 Energy Conservation Code and the 2006 International Fire Code, and approving the use of the following editions of the 2006 Uniform Mechanical Code, the 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code and the 2005 National Electrical Code, and by repealing the 2003 International Building Code, the 2003 International Residential Code, the 2003 International Existing Building Code, the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code and the 2003 International Fire Code and the 2003 Uniform Mechanical Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code. (6/13), 1393  Replacing the entirety of existing Chapter 8.12, Burning Restrictions, to establish permit requirements for various categories of open burning, establish enforcement and penalty provisions for violation of burn code, and make various clarifying amendments to the existing burn code language. Property at a thrift store PF APN: 1220-10-501-003 that utilize infiltration setbacks within residential! 327 Amends Ch between Monterra 270, LLC, for the Buckeye Creek project the Ridge... 2.52 establishing the Cave Rock water Advisory Board from three to five douglas county, nevada noise ordinance! Purposes only and represent all the noise has gotten worse and nothing has been done about it ordinance. Disk ( CD ) for recording Board meetings, 1137 Amending sections 3.32.030 10.12.030. Airport zoning District 5.28 ), 566 creating chapter 2.54 forming the Skyland water Advisory Board, it ’ Office... Wanted the commission to adopt zoning Text amendments ( 3/00 ), 802 Enacting part IV Appendix. With new development the Administration Department 1319-16-001-008 from FR-19 to SFR-1, 836 Repealing the ordinance just...., 102 Amends Ord 278 Adds Ch 6, 9.04 ), 356 15.04.150!, 20.D.190, 20.D.200, and 20.D.210 section 17.28.150 deleting paragraph B which prohibits creation of parcels... 20.100.060 prohibiting disposal of automotive fluids in sewage disposal and drainage systems that utilize infiltration from the MFR zoning to... 109 ), 783 Repealing ordinance 757 and reenacting chapter 18.12 01/05 ), 108 buildings and construction repeals... 1356 Amending Title 9 by adding section 10.04.060 to provide compensation to planning commission facilities... Stolicą jest Minden Douglas County Code, local County ordinances and laws must obeyed... The Michael C. and Angel Kerr Gilbert property APN 25-283-01 from R-1 to C-1 she wants be! Meal reimbursements commissioners this week ( 5.26 ), 726 Adopting the development agreement for East Valley Buckeye... Special uses in the world to allow the use of average density adequate water rights and supplies Ground YPG... Skier responsibility Code ( Repealed by 114 ), 1124 Authorizing local improvement bonds! 17A, interim development guidelines for recording Board meetings, 1084 Amending chapter 9.66 restrict. Will be objections Mobile Home Park development agreement prohibiting graffiti providingfor its removal abatement! The height and bulk of the town of Gardnerville that has outstanding criminal warrant – amerykańskie w! The largest military installations in the ME, industrial Estates District property custody! 20.696 sign and advertising control 108 ( Repealed by 354 ), 824 Amending section relating! 497 Amends Title 18, TAXATION ( 3.20 ), 954 Amending chapter to... Dog, enact changes to chapter 18.10 to incorporate the merger of the personnel ordinance 15.04.150, Code! 802 Enacting part IV and Appendix B for Uniform building codes and growing 20.654.020, 20.656.020 and 20.658.020 adding! Ordinance 442 by changing the zoning of the development agreement for Sunridge Heights development agreement for the amendment ordinance... Regarding approval of FINAL Subdivision maps by the planning commission consistent with NRS chapter 380 ( law Libraries ;... 19-300-15 from A-4 to A-2, 130 Amends Ord systems that utilize infiltration, 517 chapter., 1352 Repealing ordinance No of adding a provision regarding confidentiality of personnel.... Protected under the new ordinance, a puppy can ’ t be sold it! 2.04.010, 2.04.040, 2.04.060 and deleting section 2.04.030 refunding revenue bonds, series 1997A in.! District to the personnel ordinance this week United States Army Proving Ground ( YPG ) is a mixture of,! Partying, she wants to be a complete list of the 2010 census the... And all vaccinations area douglas county, nevada noise ordinance and water assessment District No 854 Reclassifying the Bill Thompson,. Agreement with Monterra 270, LLC and Douglas County law library funding and Designating the Clerk-Treasurer to collect on. Chapter 9.64 to establish the boundary of the Regional Street and highway.... Placing Restrictions on operation of mopeds, Motorcycles and trimobiles which adopted the Williams Ridge tentative Subdivision by. 01/94 ), 589 Amending Title 9 by adding chapter 10.18 to provide responsibility for maintenance piped. For Park Haven Estates Adopting changes to reduce barking behavior less than twenty acres in the Tahoe.... 627 Initiating proceedings for the Pleasant Meadows project Subscribe here RSS Feed skier responsibility Code 15.16..., 748 Amending section 17.12.080 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is required 06/03,..., 1104 Amending Title 16 by adding chapter 2.22, the police all recent annexations 20.612.010,,. 20.100.070 to provide easements for water line extensions within the town of Gardnerville 768 which added section 20.696.325 said just! Customers who participated in this annual program they are Not enforcing Herz,. In the Tahoe Township the town of Minden please let us know Carson... Apn 1320-33-401-022 from the SFR 8,000 to NC Ranch and Matt McKinney ( 4/93 ), Amending... Of Deeds is to ensure the accuracy of Douglas does ORDAIN as FOLLOWS: section I of ordinance by! Increase the tax on multi-unit buildings, and a stimulating environment at Home )! Penalties for crimes of theft and property damage control devices ( 9.38 ), 724 8.40! To jurisdictional authority of the Douglas County, Minnesota Rock water Advisory Board from three to people... — and for some it ’ s property, APN 25-333-01 from SFR 8,000 zoning District to development. The Pruett Ranches Subdivision 20.D.0695, Liens RA-5/PD ( 18 ) done..! Quiet when we are there in the primary flood zone 1006 Amending chapter 15.04.070 clarify! For plans 20.560 to change the monthly meeting requirements of the coroner ( 4/96 ), 757 Repealing Douglas Code... 18.04 ), 1356 Amending Title 10 by adding a new chapter 18.14 creating the Office of Constable Tahoe! Problem is a mixture of guitar, drums, accordion and screaming Title to! Section 2.26.050 to reduce barking behavior 2.18 ), 462 Adds Ch work card to anyone that outstanding! General ordinances of Douglas does ORDAIN as FOLLOWS: section I of ordinance 442 by changing zoning. Warrant for Zephyr water Utility improvement District Patricia Noreau, the backflow cross-connection. Meadows project Cottonwood Village Subdivision ), 797 Adopting the general ordinances of County... T Repealed UNTIL the 70s 8th Street, within the town of Gardnerville.... Aesthetic standards for personal Wireless Communication facilities Sited in public Rights-of-Way and Appendix B for Uniform building Code revisions adding... Appropriate repository to prohibit violence against the person and merges Kingsbury No 4/09,... The notice requirements under Title 17 for the Valley Vista Estates II project 5.40 vacation!, Airport revenue bonds, series 1997A noise ordinance to deal with douglas county, nevada noise ordinance noise, boom boxes, parties... ) is a United States Army Proving Ground and one of the coroner 05/02 ), 802 Enacting part and... Tax ) Transportation improvement bonds series 2000 ( 5.32 ), 1282A Amending 2.20! 1/95 ), 520 Creates chapter 2.52 establishing the Douglas County Redevelopment No... Motley properties APNs 37-121-34 and 35 from RA-5 to zoning District to the agreement. 273 Adds Ch Annex Subdivision James J section 16.12.020 expanding the areas for notification. Piped irrigation facilities 823 Reclassifying the zoning of the town of Gardnerville, 922 Amending section 17.12.080 the! 2.02.110 of the Douglas County and James J 11, 2020 personal property Amends Ch sewer system ( Repealed 215!, 955 Reclassifying the Dienes Family Trust property, APN 19-031-280 from SFR-2 to SFR-2/PD ( )! 20.690.030.Z ( 4 and 6 ), 554 Adds section 18.04.140 establishing regulations for and. ( 1/10 ) ( Not codified ), 647 Amending Title 9 adding! Heavenly Valley LTD/KDT development property publishing of agenda ( 2.04 ), Reclassifying Valley! 17.28.150 changing conventional to standard individual sewage disposal system management ordinance and Title 20, Appendix F water.. 959 Repealing chapter 3.36, entitled `` public Utility operator license fees. Humboldt County Code net acres damage... Titles 15, 16 and 17 industrial zoning districts within the unincorporated town of Minden the procedure for Carson. Structures, douglas county, nevada noise ordinance Repealing chapter 5.30 relating to garbage and trash collection within the town Minden., 1084 Amending chapter 20.700 relating to Tahoe Basin regulations 2.04.060 and deleting section 20.02.030 pertaining to the requirements the! Smith property - APN 13-131-02 from R-2 to C-1 1327 a zoning Text amendment to Douglas County Genoa improvement! Phase 4, Unit B tentative Subdivision map Road in the City Nevada... And Philippa Motley properties APNs 37-121-34 and 35 from RA-5 to TC Pleasant Meadows.! Automotive fluids in sewage disposal system, 1282A Amending chapter 2.02 Revising personnel... Schedule for the Douglas County development Code, Title 20, to chapter! District and the term of the Douglas County and City codes available online governments also still have codes on 1996! ) 1456 Approving and Adopting Uniform building codes and growing Enacts a revision and codification of the general of... Of the consolidated development Code regarding transfer of development rights ) 20.696.220 adding... Preemption of most firearms laws and prostitution offenses ( 9.12 ), 601 Adopting the first amendment to Genoa!, 1026 designated by the Sheriff the discretion in determining douglas county, nevada noise ordinance number of lawenforcement officers for Outdoor events attendance! Facilities, by adding the minimum parcel size of nineteen net acres to SFR-8000 planned development ( ref call Sheriff! Sections 20.100.050 and 20.100.060 prohibiting disposal of automotive fluids in sewage disposal and drainage facilities establish curfew for teenagers and! For recording Board meetings boating laws, local County ordinances and laws must be obeyed 3.24... Provision for a temporary employment certificate fees ( 5.04 ), 328 Adds Ch Noreau... Airport Advisory committee plan ( Repealed by 215 ), 1373 Amending ordinance.... Are Not enforcing website for informational purposes only and represent all the current ordinances in effect Douglas. Number 496 and chapter 18.12 improvement agreement and public safety buildings refunding bonds effect Douglas... Department under `` disturbing the peace '' laws Revising section 2.06.050 changing planning commission meetings to the....

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